domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014


so many wrong things around
you know how the world sounds
such a piece of jungle in space
floating in the void of souls

ants, robots in stock
people moving forward
with no time to stop
they not looking to where
they are running in circles

there's no clown nose
the biggest symbol of death
is a rose
moral ain't love no more
but intentions paintings
in the dark horizon we got

half a look, half a person
i may catch some good stuff in there
almost all the time it's waste
i have no time just to taste
i want to live fast, die young
i want to change my way
i won't be that old home dog
and the shortest route is have no owner

first things first
you're the realest
in a world of crowns
i really don't want to put it in a throne

i've got to create an immune kingdom
ruled by the will
and the random;
definitely this is love
in a nutshell:

just chill

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